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Volume 18   2011 - 2012
Febuary 18, 2014
The Real Bob Dylan
January 4, 2012
Che Guevara vs. Spartacus: A Comparison Between Two Revolutionaries
October 19, 2011 Impeach Obama.  What Controversy?  There is none.
October 12, 2011 The One (1%) Percenters Upcoming Solution
Volume 17   2009 - 2010
August 3, 2010 Renewal of Vows.  Thirty Years Together.
March 12, 2010 In a word...(or a phrase...or five paragraphs) #3.
January 20, 2010 I Know You Don't Believe But... Haiti - God Intervenes Again.
January 1, 2010 The Space Project to Save Humanity - Happy New Year 2010.
December 2, 2009 Obama's Afghanistan Speech.  Statement in Response.
August 26, 2009 In A Word...#2
Volume 16   2008 - 2009
August 7, 2009 Anti-Gun Hysteria and a Response
May 31, 2009 Progressives Disappearing Progressives
February 1, 2009 In A Word...#1
January 15, 2009 George W. Bush's Last Address To The People.  A Parody: Up Yours Farewell
December 31, 2008 Henry and the Talking Picture Box or the World of Waste
November 15, 2008 Capitalism Is In Crisis.  It's The Unions' Fault
October 15, 2008 Socialism For Corporations: Bush's Failout
September 12, 2008 Do As I Teach But Not As I Do.  Vermont Teachers Union Fails Democracy
Volume 15   2007 - 2008
August 15, 2008 Dumping The National Phone Directory.  Electing The President of the United States.
July 1, 2008 John McCain: The Candidate Of, For, And By The People.  He's Just Like You And Me.  Right?
June 7, 2008 Obamanation
May 15, 2008 Spirituality: The Ego Clamoring For Attention
April 15, 2008 From The Great Dictator: Adenoid Hynkel Speaks.
Charlie Chaplin Addresses Bush, Cheney, et al.
March 15, 2008 Putting It Where The Sun Does Shine.  Ending Solar Impotence.  
February 16, 2008 From Garlic Powder To Heparin.  We Are At War With Ourselves.
January 18, 2008 Patriotism: The Other Opiate of the Masses
December 26, 2007 Under the Guise of Freedom: Fascism's Ultimate Destination
November 7, 2007 Mukasey, Buchanan, Feinstein, and Schumer. Waterboarding And The Passion Of Christ
November 1, 2007 Homeopathic Thuggery
October 2007 Anti-War Cadence: A Tribute to VFP Brother David Cline, RIP
September 2007 Removing the Toxins - Cleansing the Nation
Volume 14   2006 - 2007
August, 2007 Reel Mowing As Protest.  Twisting Panties And Squeezing Gonads
July, 2007 They're Off!  Trunks And Asses On Their Way
June, 2007 Temporarily Unavailable
May, 2007 Relevant Ramblings With A Child By My Side
April 2007 Alternative Ethics
March 2007 Cindy Sheehan in Vermont: Nothing Left For The Right Wing Except To Attack The Messenger.  How Pathetic!
February 2007 Democrats and Liberals: Lacking Conviction. The Door That Cannot Swing Both Ways.
January 2007 The Ultimate Human Activity: The Exchange of Capital.  The Ultimate Crime: Not Participating.
December 2006 The Relative Value of Human Life.  No Iraqi Civilians on Mount Hood.
November 2006 Industrial Warfare.  Industrial matrimony.  Neo-liberalism's Big Products.
October 2006 The Doctrine of Americanism and the United States Midterm Elections of November 7, 2006.
September 2006 War as Human Defect.  Faith as Disease
Volume 13   2005 - 2006
August 2006 All Natural
July 2006 Banning Body Jewelry.   Stretching Ear Lobes While Shrinking Free Speech. 
June 2006 Article 2 Exceptional Americans Manifest Their Destiny:  And to Hell with the Consequences...
June 2006 Article 1 Capitalism Requires a Great Depression. Getting Ready for World War III. 
May 2006 Article 6 American Capitalism and The Moral Poverty of Nations.  Of Faustian Bargains and Disposable Human Being
May 2006 Article 5 Memorial Day.  A Dedication to the People of Woodfolk in Charlottesville, Virginia
May 2006 Article 4 Slaves to the "Free Market" Unite.  Can Humanity Make a Stand Against the Ruthless Onslaught of Capitalist Imperialism?
May 2006 Article 3 The Arrogance of "Enlightenment".  "Spirituality" as Unconscious Prejudice
May 2006 Article 2 White and Might Make Right: Morality is in the Eye of the Oppressor
May 2006 Article 1 Success Is Not An Option: To The Rogue Tyrants Belong the Spoils
Apr 2006 Article 2 Your Huddled Masses are now my Wretched Refuse: Locking the Golden Door
Apr 2006 Article 1 Democrats, liberals, and "progressives": There they go again
Mar 2006 Article 2 Satan is Resting Easy: The Power of Christ "Propels" Them
Mar 2006 Article 1 Miscreants, Murderers, and Malefactors: Imperial Conquest, Torture, and a Little Matter of Genocide
Feb 2006 Article 6 Rover Goes to School: Sniffing  Our Kids' Civil Liberties Away
Feb 2006 Article 5 Check Your Conscience at the Door: We're Building an Empire
Feb 2006 Article 4 The New Dark Age - the 21st Century
Feb 2006 Article 3 Shed Your Addiction: Beyond Mere Survival in 
the American Dystopia
Feb 2006 Article 2 Evolution Is Intelligent Design: Social Darwinism, Silver Spoons, and Our Emperor's Call to Arms to Sustain the Rich
Feb 2006 Article 1 What an idiot!  Bush Jumpstarts the Alternative Energy Movement With His Own Hot Air Demonstration
Jan 2006 Article 6 Giving George W. Bush a Third Term
Jan 2006 Article 5 Why I Now Genuflect to Charles Krauthammer
Jan 2006 Article 4 Three symbolic harbingers of financial collapse.
Jan 2006 Article 3 Responses to a War Memorial
Jan 2006 Article 2 On Father's Day, Send Your Cards to Tom Instead of George
Jan 2006 Article 1 Rejection in the Free Marketplace of Ideas. Nuestras Américas hablan.
Dec 2005 Article 4 "Closed Captioned for Those Whose Hearing (and Thinking) Has Been Impaired by the Drumbeats for War"
Dec 2005 Article 3 Wearing the Hash Marks of Peace Activism
Dec 2005 Article 2 Privatize Me...Corporatize Me...Blackwaterize Me...
Dec 2005 Article 1 The Iron Fist of Jesus
Nov 2005 Article 7 Jesus Takes a Pass On Celebrating His Birthday.  Judas Makes a Case for Black Friday
Nov 2005 Article 6 Ongoing Quest for the Many Manifestations of Bigfoot.  Review and Commentary on Mike Palecek's Latest Novel
Nov 2005 Article 5 America's Corporatocracy says "no Mas"
Nov 2005 Article 4 Ubiquitous Culture of Death and Violence
Nov 2005 Article 3 Our Mothers (and Thomas Paine) Warned Us about People like the Disciples of Strauss
Nov 2005 Article 2 El País de las Pesadillas: Wet Dreams for America's Ruling Elite and their Sycophantic Loyalists
Nov 2005 Article 1 Bush Regime Going Down in Plames
Oct 2005 Article 4 Where is the Grand Inquisitor When You Need Him?
Oct 2005 Article 3 Surrender Is Not An Option
Oct 2005 Article 2 Try And Catch The Wind
Oct 2005 Article 1 We Can't Let It Happen Here
Sep 2005 Article 10 What Noble Cause?  Vietnam Combat Veteran Not Welcome at Vietnam War Memorial
Sep 2005 Article 9 Peaceful Assault on the Epicenter of Evil
Sep 2005 Article 8 Dr, Bush and Mr. Hyde: The Fundamentalist Shadow of George W., Bush
Sep 2005 Article 7 Total Information Awareness.  A World Not Worth Living in?
Sep 2005 Article 6 Bush Regime Rules of Acquisition and for Maintaining Power
Sep 2005 Article 5 Liar, Liar
Sep 2005 Article 4 New Orleans Unmasks "Apartheid", American Style
Sep 2005 Article 3 No More Bush Bullhorn Bullshit.  See You in Washington D.C. on September 24, 2005
Sep 2005 Article 2 Delusions Under Siege
Sep 2005 Article 1 What If America Lost Its Soul?
Volume 12   2004 - 2005
Sep 2005 Article 9 Peaceful Assault on the Epicenter of Evil
Sep 2005 Article 8 Dr, Bush and Mr. Hyde: The Fundamentalist Shadow of George W., Bush
Sep 2005 Article 7 Total Information Awareness.  A World Nor Worth Living in?
Sep 2005 Article 6 Bush Regime Rules of Acquisition and for Maintaining Power
Sep 2005 Article 5 Liar, Liar
Sep 2005 Article 4 New Orleans Unmasks "Apartheid", American Style
Sep 2005 Article 3 No More Bush Bullhorn Bullshit.  See You in Washington D.C. on September 24, 2005
Sep 2005 Article 2 Delusions Under Siege
Sep 2005 Article 1 What If America Lost Its Soul?
Aug 2005 Article 5 Feudalism Then and Now
Aug 2005 Article 4 Redemption Within Reach for the American Empire
Aug 2005 Article 3 George Bush Knows Why They Hate Us
Aug 2005 Article 2 The Counter-Enlightenment
Aug 2005 Article 1 Forgotten Victim's of America's Plutocracyl
Jul 2005 Article 6 Let's Be Blunt: Bush's Proxy is Spreading Social Darwinism to the State Level
Jul 2005 Article 5 The Impending Insignificance of Capital
Jul 2005 Article 4 Economic Injustice: America's New Leading Export
Jul 2005 Article 3 War and the Prejudice of Our Side.  The Universal Soldier Must Say, "No!"
Jul 2005 Article 2 Pravda
Jul 2005 Article 1 Harvest of Pain and Sorrow
Jun 2005 Article 11 More Bushit.  The Iraq War Address of June 28, 2005
Jun 2005 Article 10 Murder in the Abstract is Still Iniquitous
Jun 2005 Article 9 War is Failure. What a Piece of Work is Man
Jun 2005 Article 8 Neocon Nightmare: Oil, Socialism, and Chutzpah in Venezuela
Jun 2005 Article 7 Military Recruitment. Excess On the Road to the Abattoir
Jun 2005 Article 6 Tyrant Be Thy Name, Senator
Jun 2005 Article 5  Sickness, Projection and Psychosis. Our Leader and His Apologists
Jun 2005 Article 4  Waging Peace for Humanity
Jun 2005 Article 3  The Right to Live Well
Jun 2005 Article 2  We Don't Need no Stinkin' Compassion
Jun 2005 Article 1  How the Mighty Are Falling
May 2005 Article 3  Musings of an Intellectually Shell-Shocked Kansan Catalyst for my Contemplation
May 2005 Article 2  Barnum on Steroids
May 2005 Article 1 The Fascist Ego and the Future of Humanity
Apr 2005 Is The Democratic Party Breeding Busheviks?
Mar 2005 The Insignificance of Mostly Everything, or, so They Would Have Us Believe
Feb 2005 Million Dollar Babies
Jan 2005 Noise, Lies and the People's Redux
Dec 2004 Dear George: Read the Sermon on the Mount
Nov 2004 Casting a Ballot.  Rejecting the Fraud
Oct 2004 Unmaking the Connections: A critique of the U.S. Military's "Spirit of America"
Sep 2004 The 2004 Republican National Convention The Lunatics Are Coming
Volume 11   2003 - 2004
Month/Year Topic (click to read)
Aug 2004 Discovering Emmanuel Goldstein - Spychips and the End of Privacy
Jul 2004 Advertising, Paranoia and Frugality
Jun 2004 Bullying, a National Institution: Preparing for Abu Ghraib and Beyond
May 2004 Article 2 War Anonymous.  Recognizing and Going Beyond Addiction
May 2004 Article 1 If You're Not With Us, You're Against Us.  George?  No.  Dean!   Democrats Need a New Mantra
Apr 2004 Boots on the Statehouse Steps
Mar 2004  Tourists in Altmedland
Feb 2004  Optare Absurdus
Jan 2004 Article 2 To Mars via Lunacy
Jan 2004 Article 1 The War on Iraq vis-à-vis The Ten Commandments
Dec 2003 SAT Testing as Criteria for Employment Eugenics in the 21st Century
Nov 2003 Schools as Highly Successful Institutions.  The War Inculcation Assembly Line
Oct 2003 The 56th United Nations DPI/NGO Conference Human Security and Dignity: Fulfilling the Promise of the  United Nations A Veteran For Peace Participates and Reflects
Sep 2003 Veterans For Peace, Energy Commitment and Dedication

Volume 10   2002 - 2003
Month/Year Topic (click to read)
Aug 2003 One Flag Is Not Enough
Jul 2003 Freedom as Virtual Reality in the Brave New World
Jun 2003 Article 2 Protecting the Constitution Through Frequent Flipping of the Byrd
Jun 2003 Article 1 Vietnam syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome, Supporing the Troops
May 2003 Homogenizing the Global Cultural Paradigm
Apr 2003 Three Veterans: And they say it couldn't happen here
Mar 2003 I am a Veteran!  How Dare You!
Feb 2003 Cadence and Unity, Veterans for Peace and the People
Jan 2003 Christ, Crucifixion, Chaos - War 
Dec 2002 Capitalism and Anger in the 21st Century
Nov 2002 Logan's Run, A Fable for Our Times
Oct 2002 Look What They've Done to My Food Ma
Sep 2002 Neo, Nader, Next Door Neighbor: Citizenship

Volume 9   2001 - 2002
Month/Year Topic (click to read)
Aug 2002 Only Two Years Ago? How Times Change!
Jul 2002 Holy Molars, Batman!
Jun 2002 That Sickening Feeling in the Gut: Inching Toward Another Big One
May 2002 Contemplating Dead Warriors and the War We all Wage in the Smokey Mountains
Apr 2002 Meme Marines of Monoculture
Mar 2002 We Pay, We Pay.  We Owe!
Feb 2002 Ambiguous Absolutism & Absolute Ambiguity
Jan 2002 Harry Potter and Other Heresies
Dec 2001 A Book by Kalle Lasn
Nov 2001 State of Humanity
Oct 2001 Skeptyk in the Web
Sep 2001 Commodifying Friendship The Discomfort of Individualism

Volume 8   2000 - 2001
Month/Year Topic (click to read)
Aug 2001 Ad'ing Contrast - Contradiction in Genoa
Jul 2001 Greed Capitalism and Dysfunction
Jun 2001 The Flower and the Shrub
May 2001 Littleton, Kent State, Jackson State, et al
Apr, 2001 An Atheist Responds
Mar, 2001 Dubya's Hypocrisy and the Santana School Shooting
Feb 2001 Seattle to Switzerland: Protesting in the New Police State
Jan 2001 Me, Myself and I to Join Themselves at the Inauguratioon
Dec 2000 Being Atheist in a Hostile Culture
Nov 2000 Abbie's Electoral Politics
Oct 2000 Septober, Octember, Nowonder
Sep 2000 Skeptical About Hate Crimes Law

Volume 7  1999 - 2000
Month/Year Topic (click to read)
Aug 2000 Thinking Outside the Box: Prison Abolition
Jul 2000 Star Wars Miasma
Jun 2000 Congratulations!
May 2000 The Dream of May 13
Apr 2000 The Ides of March
Mar 2000 Like A  Pile Of Shoes
Feb 2000 Ratt-Tat-Tatt
Jan 2000 Power from Within
Dec 1999 WTO WHO?
Nov 1999 Happy Thingsdoing
Oct 1999 The Spirituality of Dissent
Sep 1999 The Most Dangerous Book

Volume 6 1998-1999
Month/Year Topic (click to read)
Aug 1999

Hate and Silence

Jul 1999 KPFA and a Different Kind of Joe
Jun 1999 Liberals
May 1999 The Great Mandala
Apr 1999 Kosovo
Mar 1999 Meta-meta
Feb 1999 Books
Jan 1999 Politics
Dec 1998 War Machinery
Nov 1998 Rejuvention
Oct 1998 And, Here's ...
Sep 1998 Green. Pink and Rainbow

Volume 5 1997 - 1998
Month/Year Topic (click to read)
Aug 1998 Aliens Abduct School Staff in Wells, VT
Jul 1998 Mediacracy and Puerto Rico
Jun 1998 Doing Bad Feeling Good
May 1998 School Shootings
Apr 1998 Solidarity
Mar 1998 Reporting
Feb 1998 Balance
Jan 1998 Overwhelmed
Dec 1997 Pardon
Nov 1997 The Index
Oct 1997 Serious Men
Sep 1997 Divergent Thinking

Volume 4 1996 - 1997
Month/Year Topic (click to read)
Aug 1997


July 1997


Jun 1997


May 1997


Apr 1997


Mar 1997


Feby 1997

The Small Stuff

Jan 1997


Dec 1996


Nov 1996


Oct 1996

Spiritual Autobiography

Sep 1996


Volume 3 1995 - 1996
Month/Year Topic (click to read)
Aug 1996


Jul 1996 Pilgrimage
Jun 1996 Walking Loaded
May 1996 Philosophy
Apr 1996 Language &Literacy
Mar 1996 Faith as Fraud
Feb 1996 Incense as Metaphor
Jan 1996 The Value of Sadness
Dec 1995 Boredom
Nov 1995 Attitudinal Healing
Oct 1995 Skepticism & Cynicism
Sep 1995 Seeing Sacred Architecture

Volume 2 1994 - 1995
Month/Year Topic (click to read)
Aug 1995


Jul 1995 Waiting For
Jun 1995 Shadow
May 1995 Fractuality
Apr 1995 Isms (Assumptions)
Mar 1995 Shedding
Feb 1995 Dreams
Jan 1995 Impermanence
Dec 1994 Insanity
Nov 1994 Memory
Oct 1994 Experience
Sep 1994 Rage

Volume 1 1993 - 1994
Month/Year Topic (click to read)
Aug 1994

The Other Family of Origin Characters

July 1994 The Last Judgment It's Not What You Think
Jun 1994 Forgiveness is a Call to Action
May 1994 I Am Not a Victim of the World I See
Apr 1994 Releasing our Fears
Mar 1994 The Unexpected
Feb 1994 The Relationship
Jan 1994 Conflict
Dec 1993 The Experiment
Nov 1993 Charm
Oct 1993 The Joy That is Us
Sep 1993 Introduction: First Impressions
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