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In April, 1991, Jozef donated a kidney to our then five-year-old son, Dylan. During that time, he read dozens of books and wrote extensively. An outcome of all the contemplation was a desire to produce a newsletter on topics of reflection and discussion. Originally called, A Course for Teachers, the newsletter was renamed Metaphoria with the November 1994 issue.

In a belief that we can resolve our problems (and the world's) through improving our relationships, we began writing the newsletter in an attempt at clarifying our thinking. Metaphoria became a way to share our thoughts with others.

We came to the realization that we are responsible for finding the solutions that already exist within us. Action is necessary for change to happen, and, action comes from the non judgmental dialectic.

Over the years, Metaphoria, has become more attuned to the socio-political realities of its publishers and authors and to that of the world at large.

Metaphoria is a provocative progressive newsletter for the workers of the world. It is especially for those who think non-traditionally - outside the box of the corporate media mindset and the traditional duopoly of the status quo monopolistic political philosophy dictating world-wide neo-liberal policies. It provokes those who are not into intellectual challenge should they be so equipped.

Metaphoria engages the reader in such fashion as to provoke discourse, discussion and (often passionate) debate, which has been replaced by the video sound-bite and the closed mindedness propagated by the mavins of Madison Avenue. Metaphoria is the continuation of the dialectic whch draws from the wisdom literature of the world and its non-mainstream sources of reporting world events.

Ending its 18th year of publication in August 2011, Metaphoria has been used as a supplementary source of information and as a focal point for dynamic interactive discussion in an experimental high school philosophy course as well as within political, philosophical and church discussion groups. It has been republished and reprinted in the respected Veterans for Peace national, the Rutland Herald, humanist magazines, and numerous peace, social justice, humanist, skeptic, and other websites. The authors hope you enjoy this 12-year documentary and cathartic journey that is Metaphoria.
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