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May 30, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 46, Issue 214

Memorial Day.  A Dedication to the People of 
Woodfolk in Charlottesville, Virginia

Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

Rather than commemorating the lives snuffed out by militarism, imperialism and neo-liberalism, JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, the co-publisher of Metaphoria and I started an Alternate Memorial Day Service along with some friends in New Jersey in 1982. A peace tree was dedicated and flowers were planted.  I wrote the words to four songs which JeanneE put to music.  Instead of celebrating "lives given up" for war, we would mourn the lives snuffed out and stolen by the State war machines.  We would, on Memorial Day, commemorate the lives of ten of the world's Peacemakers.  The lyrics to the first two songs for the first two years (1982 and 1983) of the Alternate Memorial Day Service follow below.  There are links to hear the songs also.  This Memorial Day weekend might be a good time to read the lyrics and to sing along as the world is desperately in need of peacemakers.  

A few days ago, I had the good fortune to spend a few days with the wonderful people of the anarchist environmental community, Woodfolk, in Charlottesville, Virginia.  A long time friend had dropped everything to go with me to Virginia during a tough time.  Thank you very much.  To the people of Woodfolk, I wish to rededicate the second version of my peacemakers sing entitled, "Peacemakers II".  It is within the Woodfolk community that I see the best chances for this planet realizing what I have written about in this song.  The planet needs more people like Woodfolk if it is to survive.  Thank you Woodfolk.  Thank you very very much.  The words and music speak for themselves.  The complete album called "Power From Within" can be downloaded at  

Woodfolk info HERE

Woodfolk House (also known as Woodfolk asylum) is a group house in the town of Charlottesville Virginia. We have been in Cville since May of 1999. We have two rules, no damn TV, and no TV dammit. This is based on the understanding that both TV and rules shut down communications between people. We encourage people to be direct.

Our vision revolves around three essential elements. We are supportive of activism. While not a requirement, we have a history of activism within our membership. We are an environmental model house (the first strawbale house in Cville, solar heated and more.) Finally we are accepting of people within their struggles. (What we sometimes describe as high functioning crazy people.) We have accepted numerous people who have been rejected from other communities because of stigmas related to mental health conditions that in most cases did not directly limit their ability to contribute. The fear of crazy people more often originates with the unresolved and unacknowledged fears, prejudices or pain in those labeled normal.

Wage Peace on this Memorial Day and everyday!!

Peacemakers I 
1982 Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Ghandi, Keller, Schweitzer and King,
touched by the feathers of the dove's wing,
You saw a vision for meaningful change
imperial attitudes you would rearrange
through non-violent action and dedication,
respect for all peoples of every nation
Turn the oppressor, make him change his ways,
preparing the planet for better days,
when conflicts are settled through peaceful means,
and woman and men can fulfill their dreams.

Peace Pilgrim, Thoreau, Muste, you suggest,
war and violence is immoral, human error at best,
These crimes do not achieve what they intend,
only social justice guarantees peace in the end.
Women, men and children throughout all lands,
do not sit on your apathy, lend the world your hands,
The prophecies of old were lies.  They must be broken,
beauracracy step aside, the people have spoken.
"No more victims of genocide, of profit and of greed,
fund not the war machine, fund human needs."

Jane Addams, Dorothy Day, Jesse Wallace Houghan,
all people, four-billion, were born of women.
Repressed, degraded, made to stay in your place,
barefoot and pregnant, a veil across your face.
No longer the scapegoat, the excuse for men,
no longer a bystander watching the world come to an end.
Mothers of soldiers, sailors, executioners of the past,
prisoners of culture no more, free at last
to pursue a world or Peace and co-operation
where borders are history and the planet is one nation.


Peacemakers 2 
1983 Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

Francis of Assisi, Jeannette Rankin, Margaret Fell,
You taught us non-violence and taught it so well.
Beginning at home with those we most love,
Embracing the world, the nest of the dove.
Through love of each other and mutual assistance,
Free exchange of our thoughts and co-existence,
With neighbors who care and share our lives
Working together, our dreams realized,
Where people live in harmony rather than fear
And cherish each other, their lives so dear.

Chief Joseph, Sadako, Robeson you gave
You lives and energy, your dedication to save
Mother Earth from the rape of the land,
squandering her resources by the warmonger's hands.
Third world peoples will no longer bow down
Kissing the path of the conqueror's ground.
Wake up your children, educate their minds,
Teach them to love and help them find
The truth for themselves and future generations,
Avoiding forever human degredations.

Thomas Merton, Malvina, Sojourner Truth,
Albert Einstein, your pacifism set a new mood.
War Resisters working for Peace,
but still war continues, so your efforts can't cease
To change the world where violence is king,
where we worship gods of metal, "O say can you sing."
These chains of oppression will be broken some day,
Our children determined to grow up, they'll say,
"We work for bread not bombs anymore,
Life is fulfilling and war is no more."

1982, 1983, 2006 Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
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